A Play Reading of "Underground"                                                             

Join us for an original play reading by Utah playwright Debora Threedy.  The play “Underground” underscores an especially important and controversial topic to many southern Utahans.  The play examines the moral and spiritual dilemma of illegally excavating Native American ancestral grounds and selling those artifacts for financial gain.  Would you want your great grandparents’ graves dug up and their personal belongings sold through the black market to the highest bidder?  This exact scenario played out just a few years ago in Blanding, Utah where many local residents were indicted for this same crime (selling stolen Native American artifacts), resulting in two locals even committing suicide, including a respected physician in the town.

The play will be read by local Utah actors Garry Peter Morris, Jesse Pepe, Kent Harrison Hayes, Robin Hampton and Katie Hulett.  Three of the actors are also Kayenta residents.  Debora Threedy, the playwright, will be in attendance to answer questions after the reading and to discuss her new play.  Ms. Threedy has had a number of her plays professionally produced/read over the past few years both here in Utah and in New York City. Her latest play, “The Third Crossing” is part of Plan-B Theatre Company’s upcoming 2011-12 season in SLC.  Ms. Threedy is also a Law Professor at the University of Utah.

What:  A Play Reading of “Underground” by Debora Threedy sponsored by the Kayenta Arts Foundation

Where:  At the Café Entr’acte performance space in Kayenta’s Coyote Gulch Arts Village

When:  Saturday, November 5th at 7PM

Cost:  $5 at the door