Kayenta Street Painting Festival

Rain or Shine – The Kayenta Street Painting Festival is still on!  But due to what looks like a very rainy Saturday we have added one more day to the festival – so the following Saturday April 21st – the student competition will be held.  There will still be 29 adult artists creating amazing works of art this weekend and 25 student teams next weekend (saturday)! -So come on out!.

If the painting that you sponsored was to be completed by one of our school teams then your painting will be completed next Saturday – APril 21st.  We apologize for the inconvenience; unfortunately, we cannot control the weather.  Unlike the adult artists, the students only have one day to complete their painting – so they will do it the next Saturday.  We realize that many of you may have booked out this weekend to see your painting completed and may not be able to come out the following weekend.  Again we apologize and we will do all we can to document your photo for you.  The paintings will remain up Sunday April 22 and will be washed off on APril 23rd.

Also because only half of the paintings will be completed we will postpone the Sponsor Reception and announcement of the Raffle winners to Saturday APril 21st  at 5:30pm.  This will be held shortly after the student winners are announced.