Elevate: John Yohman Retreats
You will experience an unforgettable week that will be overflowing with a plethora of magic moments. Get ready for an action packed, fun-filled, pushing yourself out-of-your-comfort-zone time that will propel you to live your life to it’s highest level of health, fitness and well being. The group dynamic will be small and intimate with a maximum of 20 guests, and will focus on individualized attention as well as the powerful element of support and camaraderie.
Your suite at the Crescent Moon Inn is nestled beneath the majestic, red rock mountains that tower over the picturesque & breathtakingly beautiful community of Kayenta in the southwest corner of Utah.
Education, motivation and inspiration are the key components of the ELEVATE retreat. The week is full of information with expertly crafted and delivered lectures, classes and clinics by top-notch health, wellness and fitness pros.Nutrition, life coaching topics, intention setting and meditation with a common thread of focus on body, mind and spirit infuse the ELEVATE program.

Outsmarting habits and practices that stop you from being healthy are just some of the issues and topics that ELEVATE will delve into.

Guests will have the opportunity to plan, shop and cook some of their meals during their stay and some will already be prepared. Lectures will help you understand that exercise and activity are vital in your quest for optimal health and well-being.

Basic anatomy, physiology and exercise education is stressed as a very important component of the program. Fitness classes, activities and hikes that will challenge and strengthen await you at ELEVATE.

As the name ELEVATE connotes, it’s time to go higher.

For More Information or to book a retreat go to www.johnyohmanfitnessretreats.com/reservations/