The Arts in Kayenta

Kayenta Art Village

Artistically inspired

Sometimes viewed as an artist colony, Kayenta has a rich heritage of creating and supporting the arts in southern Utah.

From our unique art galleries to our signature art festivals, performing arts events at the new Center for the Arts at Kayenta, Kayenta offers a venue for the arts to flourish.  As part of the original planning for Kayenta – design, architecture, visual arts and performing arts – were envisioned as an added attraction to the community.  It’s a natural that artists would gravitate to such an awe-inspiring setting.

Center for the Arts at Kayenta

As a premier St George Theater, the Center for the Arts at Kayenta is Southern Utah’s best new intimate theatrical experience.

Since opening in 2017, The center for the Arts at Kayenta has presented over a hundred of the highest-caliber local, regional, and national events and year-round programs that have attracted thousands of attendees from near and far and actively involves the local community and dozens of local organizations. CFAK is currently the only independent venue in the entire southwestern Utah region. This independence allows for flexibility in terms of the events they can host while also fostering a robust culture of boldness, diversity, inclusivity and creativity.
For a listing of current events and for more information please visit our website.

Kayenta Art Village

The heart of the Kayenta community in Ivins, Utah

The Kayenta Art Village is a growing enclave of art galleries, studios, theatre, art festival, restaurant, gift and coffee shop. Its array of arts-oriented enterprises offers fine art, gifts, photography, events, pottery, classes, yoga, gourmet food and coffee. An arts center, a retail center, or just a place to relax and explore, the Kayenta Art Village is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

Kayenta Arts Foundation

The artfully developed community of Kayenta has advocated for, not only the beauty of our natural surroundings, but also for the arts and creative endeavors. With this commitment, a group of residents got together in 2011 and officially formed a non-profit organization dedicated to the arts — the Kayenta Arts Foundation, Since its inception, the Foundation has continued the legacy of producing events and advancing the arts in southern Utah. With the formation of the Kayenta Arts Foundation, we solidified our commitment to a culture that embraces education, humanity and the Arts.

The Kayenta Arts Foundation currently sponsors two Art Festivals each Year. In April, it’s the Kayenta Street Painting Festival and in October we celebrate all that is art with Art in Kayenta. For more on these festivals please visit The Center for the Arts at Kayenta.