The Vision and Future

Kayenta Utah

Kayenta is an awe-inspiring place.

“I hope people can appreciate the effort of doing something slightly different. By appreciating it they are willing to protect it.”
~ Terry Marten, Developer

With its soaring red cliffs and sage-covered open range, this is the wild-west in all its grandeur.  In this setting, the thought of suburban sprawl or tightly packed high-rises offends our human senses.  Today, it is difficult to imagine anything other than Kayenta, resting quietly in this pristine setting.

The “idea” of Kayenta has been years in the making

– an experiment in planning, business, community and the environment.  Now, more than 30 years later, its concept of living lightly on the earth seems more relevant than ever. Kayenta continues to evolve, improve and find its balance.

The brainchild of Terry Marten, Kayenta’s basic concepts were born out of an appreciation for the beauty of the land.  An architect by education and a developer by nature, Marten saw a value in producing unique homes with plenty of breathing room to enjoy the views.  Loosely modeled after several communities in California, that were admired for planning and appreciation for their site, Kayenta started as a hybrid of beach culture and desert living with its modestly priced; low-profile homes with a desert-southwest twist.

Sea Ranch in northern California and other communities such as Rancho Santa Fe in southern California were inspiration for the land in southern Utah.  Marten, a southern California native, also brought a beach community vibe to the culture and flavor of the newly settled desert community.

The basic plan developed years ago is still in place today.  Attracted to the ideals of Kayenta, a community of like-minded individuals has gathered around these basic standards for the community and still work diligently to maintain these values.

Design and Planning Concepts

Low profile structures

Natural materials

Focused lighting

Desert landscaping

For years, like-minded people from all walks of like have been attracted to these basic concepts for development in Kayenta.  From this seed has grown a flourishing community.  Like the terrain, residents of Kayenta are a diverse group.  Not only are artist attracted to this place but scientists, engineers, educators, medical professionals, truck drivers, caregivers, actors, musicians and entrepreneurs make Kayenta their home.

As the community continues to develop and grow, the basic standards that have been nurtured will continue to thrive.

  • Low profile structures to protect the views

  • Colors and materials that blend into the natural setting

  • Focused lighting to protect the night sky

  • Preservation of the natural desert landscape

These values are more relevant today than ever before. Kayenta Development will continue to focus its sight on the possibilities of the future and maintain an optimistic view of a balanced community, a healthy environment and the growth that serves both.

The Future

The future of Kayenta will borrow ideas from the past as well as new technologies into the future.

Neighborhood, village and the new urbanism concepts will factor into the future of Kayenta, were amenities and services will be local and easily accessible.  Trails, walking paths, services, cafes, local businesses, and transportation will be key to the success and future of life in Kayenta.  The future vision for Kayenta is to offer a variety of housing options, making the community assessable to anyone who shares our ideals.

The driving force behind future plans for growth is Kayenta Development.

Kayenta Development is by no means a large company.  In fact, it is a very small company that has focused on big ideas.  It relies on local residents and Owners Associations to continue to maintain the concepts set forth as time marches on.

The future for Kayenta is that of possibilities.

It is a platform that has been created for the development of a thoughtful creative community.  With room to grow, the goal is to further promote balanced life within our community that embraces nature, the arts and a culture of diversity and sustainability.