Mountain & Road Cycling


The paved roads throughout Kayenta provide a favorite ride with a mix of easy to moderate grades.  Both public and private roads are accessible.  Rules of the Road are a must and cyclists who abide by the rules of the road are welcome to enjoy the fresh air.  Don’t forget your coffee stop at Coyote Gulch Art Village.

Mountain Biking

Kayenta Development has created many dirt roads that provide access and firebreaks to our hundreds of acres of wildlife.  These roads are made accessible to anyone interested in exploring the land on foot or by bike.  No motorized vehicles.  Please stay on the dirt roads in order to protect the fragile natural landscape for everyone to enjoy.

Pickleball Trail

A single track, natural-surface trail with several connected loops runs into the desert between Kwavasa Drive and Hwy 91. It has been designed for hikers, dog walkers, trail runners and mountain bikers. The views along the way of the rocks and desert flora and fauna are spectacular. The Pickleball Trail Head is accessed from just behind the Pickleball Courts on Kwavasa Drive.  Click HERE to download a map and individual trail descriptions. As the trail expands, updated maps will be made available.