Kayenta Utah

Kayenta Korrals

“Where Heart Meets Horse”, is a unique equestrian experience.

We offer unique experiences for horse lovers of all ages and all skill levels. Our programs range from personal enrichment to advanced horsemanship. The Korrals are the southern location for Windhorse Relations, Inc., a not-for-profit corportaion dedicated to the American Mustang. The korrals promise an experience you won’t soon forget. Come meet expert horsewoman, Mary Lee Brighton, and her majestic Windhorse herd. The Korrals offer an array of equine learning opportunities and always welcome friends of Kayenta. Please join us!

M.E.E.T. The Mustangs

Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1:30 to 3:30pm
Call for reservations, donations required

Voluntary Apprentice Program

Trainings offered October through February
This is a wonderful opportunity to experience horses

Horsemanship Programs

Everything from groundwork to riding lessons

Overnight Boarding

Offered to Kayenta residents, family and friends
Ride our scenic mosaic of rock canyons in the Kayenta gulch

For more information, visit the Windhorse website.