Kayenta Arts Foundation

Thank you to all who supported KAF’s Poetry Under the Stars.  As always, the Board appreciates your feedback. You can send comments about this or other events to the Board Chair at judithk@freqcoor.org.

ARE YOU READY TO BE ENTERTAINED?  Yes, it is time for KAF’s second annual Variety Show.  Last year’s Show was a great success, and we expect no less this year.  The Variety Show is being directed by Kent Harrison and will include the talent of Kayenta residents and others.  A $40 entrance fee gives you a full dinner and time to mix, mingle and bid on this year’s silent auction, starting at 6 p.m.  At 7:00, the Variety Show will amuse and amaze you; more details are available in this Kayenta Connections.  Please join us on October 20th.

KAF’s fiscal year is January-December.  The Board is getting ready for its annual meeting at which new Directors will be elected.  If you are interested in being on the Board, please contact the Board Chair.  You will receive a packet of information and a chance to discuss Board responsibilities before having your name submitted as a candidate.   KAF is here to benefit the entire community and to bring a broad range of events to Kayenta.  KAF only can do this with your input and assistance. Please consider joining us.

Remember, your donation in any amount would help assure a successful 2013 season.  Donation forms are available at the Kayenta Sales Office and the Kayenta Experience. A check to Kayenta Arts Foundation can be sent to Kayenta Arts Foundation, Attn: George Stoddard, Treasurer, 800 N Kayenta Parkway, Ivins, Utah 84738.   Remember, donations to KAF are tax deductible.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Judith Kapuscinski, Chair, at 401-952-5462 or at judithk@freqcoor.org.