Kayenta Arts Foundation

How exciting for our entire southern Utah community to witness the Arts Center becoming a reality. All the excavation work for the site has been excavated, compacted and resurfaced, and we are now ready to set the forms and pour the foundation. We couldn’t have gone this far without you and your generous contributions.  But there is still much to be done, as we need to raise additional funds for the interior and contents of the building. If you’d like more information on the Arts Center and/or would like to contribute, please contact Garry Morris at kayentaartsfoundation@gmail.com.  You can also go to  www.kayentaartsfoundation.org, Kayenta Arts Foundation’s website, to view the promo video for the Center and review the Building Fund brochure.

Our 14th Annual Art in Kayenta Festival was a great success.  We had a great turnout and received comments like “best Festival ever!”  Hope you got to experience it for yourself, and thanks again to all our wonderful volunteers.  It was definitely a good decision to move it from February to October.

Directors work diligently to bring a variety of visual and performing arts to the greater southern Utah area.  Our next event is Santaland Diaries, held December 6 and 7.  A delightfully entertaining performance about an out-of-work New Yorker who takes a holiday job as a Macy’s elf.  For more information, go to www.kayentaartsfoundation.org.

Announcements for this and other events are made in the Kayenta Connection, the KAF website www.kayentaartsfoundation.org, and KAF’s email list.  If you would like to be added to our email list or if you have suggestions for an event or comments about a past event, please feel free to contact us at kayentaartsfoundation@gmail.org